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On October 15, 1998, ten adults met with Pastor Hanna and First Lady, Ruthy Hanna in the living room of their home in Fort Worth, Texas to discuss the birth of a local Church. The leadership decided to name the church “Agape United Christian Fellowship” because it was evident that the name reflected the heart and general consensus of the adults present.  We began worship in the living room of the pastor’s home until November 15, 1998, shortly after the church moved to the Holiday Inn on Beach Street and I-30. 


There God began working with the members to raise funds for the future goals of the church.  By the summer of 1999, the congregation under the leadership of Pastor Hanna relocated to a church building on Meadowbrook Drive in Fort Worth, TX.  The facility was owned by the Reorganized Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.  We worshipped there until 2007 when the Lord closed that door and opened another door for us to worship at the New Life Deaf Ministry on Brentwood Stair Road of Fort Worth. 


During this time, the congregation began praying for a place to call it’s own.  In the summer of 2007, God led us called us to purchase the facilities on 5413 Cowden Street which was owned by New Way Baptist Church.  After meeting with the Tarrant Baptist Association under the direction of Tom Law, the congregation purchased the church facility of our present home. 


Thanks be to God for the founding ten, where Sister Felicia Jackson (currently known as Minister Felicia Cook), First Lady Ruthy Hanna and Pastor Jonathan Hanna were in the midst.  Also, thanks be to God for all of the pioneer ministers and lay-members who hung in there and have grown with the congregation to make the church what it is today.

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